I don’t understand why a business would tell it’s client to “send in a request to see why we are as good as we say we are”. The main reason why a client would like to work with a particular service provider/person/company/business is because they like their work – that is the FIRST consideration. Other factors like price, proximity, etc. come in later – once I’ve decided that I like the work that this particular company has done previously, then I will go onto answering the next questions.

So why would a design studio tell a client that in order to see our “whole” portfolio you need to send in a request? [ One reason would be that the design studio wants to know who are the people who are taking an interest in its services and would like to follow-up with them – but that’s a very small reason to make the portfolio “exclusive”. ]

Another reason for making the full portfolio not available to everyone could be because the design studio has a very extensive portfolio and because they have suddenly become very popular online, their servers are not being able to take the load of the online traffic thus generated – so they put up only some of their best work and tell the very-interested people to send in a portfolio request for the rest of the works. But that too defeats the purpose – instead of asking for a portfolio request, the studio could easily use a service like Flickr and upload the rest of their work there – or they could use a free blog software like WordPress or Blogger and upload their entire portfolio there.

What is the purpose of making your portfolio available on request?