I recently signed up on Ecademy [ re-signed up would be a better description because I had signed on in December 2005 initially and never got back to using the platform much ]. I was assuming that Ecademy would have atleast a comparable business population – comparable to LinkedIn and openBC – if not more, but was quite shocked to find when they recently announced “Ecademy reaching 100,000 members!

LinkedIn fortunately shares the total number of members on their platform : about 7 million as on date and openBC, although not very open about the numbers has atleast a million. By those standards, Ecademy is way behind – hence I still do not “get” why business networkers use this platform and how it benefits them.

I am a premium member on LinkedIn simply because the network pays me back – similarly on openBC. On Ecademy I am currently on a trial basis and need to decide whether I should convert to a paying member or not. They don’t have the concept of a free membership as their guest accounts expire in 14 days – and 14 days is just not enough to gauge whether a business networking platform is a good fit for me or not.

I’d really like to find out what your experience has been on this platform!