Logo design is a subset of Corporate Identity design.

A company’s corporate identity includes the following:
1. Logo design
2. Brand colors
3. Brand name
4. Stationery including the letterhead, business card, envelope, memo and other stationery items like writing pads etc.
5. Appearance of the company’s identification marks on various media – on mugs, diaries, video, print, web etc. – a usage guide for example.
6. Any other design deliverables related to the identity of the whole company for example powerpoint presentations.

An organization might already have a logo in place but not have a comprehensive corporate identity. A logo design usually contains two elements: the logo shape and the typeface/font used for the name of the company/brand, whereas corporate identity includes a whole gamut of identification marks / colors / themes and presentation for the company.


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  1. Excellent point Naina — so often businesses aren’t aware of how critical it is to consider all aspects of the business’ logo as part of a corporate identity plan.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips. Like the previous commentor I just fell into your site from Google.
    BTW: Beautiful colour scheme 🙂


  3. So Naina, do u do corporate design too? What if a client asked u to design a logo, wud u suggest CI for his company as welll? Unfortunately, not many small businesses know the importance of CI, they come to you with 4-8 business cards, say we want something like this, this colour, and so on.
    If Aside is Naina Redhu like Babylon Zoo is Jasmann or Lightning Seeds is Ian Broudie, will it not be like asking Richard Clayderman to do a Pavarotti?
    I find it amazing to know you handle multiple projects at once, but isn’t CI a Himalayan task?
    All the best, you are one of the few Indian designers highly passionate about what you do, pleasure knowing you, take care, all the best.

  4. Yes Ashwin, Corporate Identity too indeed! As far as suggesting something to a client goes, it depends on whether the client’s company really needs it. Most Indian companies need a logo or a corporate identity because they have suddenly realized that they need to “look” more international and because their competition has re-designed their logo as well. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

    I work with a niche set of clients, companies who understand the importance of design – a visual identity and some sort of aesthetic differentiation. The clients I work with are all word-of-mouth recommendations who come to aside without any proactive solicitation from my side. So when these clients come to me, they already have a certain level of trust established in my capabilities – more than designing a visually striking identity, as a designer/creative person, I need to hand-hold them into finding what it is that they really need and then deliver that.

    I am working seven projects right now and unfortunately, love every minute of it – so much so that even while lighting the Diwali diyas, I’m wondering what would represent Industrial Organics the best 😉

  5. this is the must know information for any graphic designer
    Im freelancing graphic designer from ahmedabad and never tried to find
    ‘the difference between Corporate Identity design and Logo Design’

    thanks for this info

    ajay gajjar

  6. Hi Naina,
    I just came across your website while googling about LOGO’S. Infact I really appreciate your lenght in the domain your into. I really could not resist asking you –
    about your inputs why and when should one opt for an logo change.

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