Derek Featherstone, writes how it would make social networking life easier to have our contact lists and profile details automatically siphoned in from our personal websites.

While the technology/backend part of it might not be palatable to a majority of social/business networkers, it would indeed solve the problem of re-building of contacts whenever we join a new networking portal – and there are many already existing and more sprouting by the day.

Brilliant thought nonetheless and like him, I’ll wait till someone comes up with a front-end for this solution. Till then I am going to carry on with the arduous task of re-inviting connections on the new networking website that I’m going to join this week!


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  1. I am interested in networking with individuals who can give me advice on how to start a substance abuse treatment facility/mental health organization

  2. It really is a bother, isn’t it, to have to that task over and over again. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone had that problem when they got a new cell phone, but now thankfully it’s pretty much a thing of the past with bluetooth syncing and such. I think the same thing will be the case soon with social networks. We’re working hard on a 2.0 release of, a Seattle-based business networking community focused on face-to-face events supported by a great social network. Not sure we’ll be able to incorporate this into our next release, but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about.

  3. That’s a great list, Christi. I signed up for quite a few, and have already begun to make some contacts.

    I have been having fun reading your blog, keep up the good work, and the articles are really informative! Mososo is getting hot too, I’d love to hear your take on some of the uses.

  4. Great blog, keep up the great articles. Social networking is definitely going to re-shape how we make contact with each other, that’s for sure!

  5. this is 1’st time i m viewing the blog, till i m not getting any thing abut blogs so explain it………….

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