Hiring for the following requirements: [ these requirements are for the web development company that belongs to a friend of mine ]

  • Java — someone who is a pro with Java Velocity. This is for a ongoing offshore setup where we are upgrading the site for a client.
  • PHP — freshers with an experience in PHP (if they did a course or did a project in final year MCA using PHP+MySQL). Money will be more if the person has a good amount of practical knowledge.
  • PHP+MySQL — person with 1-1.5 years of experience.
  • PHP+MySQL+Linux —- same as number 2 above but with a smattering of Linux administration khow (yeah this one is the designer drug). This guy is required to do the support work for an application and needs to be fast on the uptake, polished wrt email writing and reasonably good with the tech.

This small-time company’s been growing like crazy and he’s in a rush to hire because of the project load. All the jobs are based in Mumbai, India.

Please e-mail your CV’s to khanimtiaz @ gmail . com


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