I’ve pretty much planned to not sleep for the next couple of nights.
The aside design studio website and blog are being re-designed and tweaked. So this is another wonkiness alert, things might not be just the way they are meant to be!


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  1. hi naina.

    designers are tempted to tweak their website from time to time. but, in my opinion, the previous look was much better, calm and readable. in this three column layout you have highlighted yourself in side columns and that’s why u did the change but i guess, u can do it in previous layout too.

    🙂 best luck!.

  2. Hey Bhavesh,

    Thank you so much for the feedback – I appreciate it!
    Did you check out the main website? That’s been re-designed too ].

    I changed the layout because I was totally sick of the one-box look of Blix – I agree it’s one of the best-looking themes for WordPress – I had tweaked it a lot too – but I needed a change and tried something with three boxes instead 🙂 The emphasis with this re-design is on the “art” side of things and I wanted the blog and website to look more belonging to an artist than a web developer – I did not want to re-design on Blix – I just wanted a new theme, hence this.

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