I’ve just paid for OpenLink premium membership for another year [ my second paid year ] on LinkedIn. It was a conscious decision and not the auto-recharge on my card – I’ve received a steady stream of referrals from the platform [ which might/might not have converted into real clients ] and I do see the advantage of being “visible”.

[ Disclaimer : I am not an official/unofficial spokesperson for LinkedIn and neither are they paying me for any advertising. ]

One of the blocks I’ve run into is trying to convert friends and business associates into LinkedIn users. Apart from the fact that internet-usage in India is still dismal, somehow, an online portal “strictly” for business does not appeal to most. It rocks my world though.

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  1. Linked in is pretty good – but it doesn’t seem to have the same usability as some other sites i have come across even though it has huge popularity!
    ConnectBuzz is getting good now for online business networking and Ecademy is another – I know there are loads popping up but these two work well for me

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