I finally managed to add some seasonal element to the main aside website! I am in New Delhi where it doesn’t snow but seeing all the snow all over the internet, it does feel like Christmas!


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  1. Nice work,
    highly appreciable proactive approach by Naina Didi(due to respect i must address u as big sister) towards adaptability of designing trends.
    Didi (naina)

    I know My Naina Didi can set the new trends in creative designing. when it comes to adding seasonal element to “aside” with snow you can give Indian face to charismas.

    What i see in the streets of Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh, India) ppl put a star on their premises…

    add star somewhere.. i don’t know how it will look but i know you will make an attempt as part of achieving NAINA’s exclusive work.

  2. A good one naina!

    I love festivals that refreshes the human mind. It inspires. Now that we are all becoming a ‘netizen’, festival idea on ur homepage is a grt one.


    (did u check ur blog in firefox? the newsletter textboxes overlaps the middle column. Try to fix it. and let me know if u need any help 🙂

  3. Hey David! I love the way snow can be put on almost anything [ graphically of course! ] And it really does make it look like winter time! I’ve been thinking of doing something in the holiday spirit – maybe I’ll do some seasonal snow-clad logos for free for the next seven days… hmmm, sounds doable – let me go right away and make a post about it!

  4. Hey Bhavesh! The newsletter text boxes overlapping the middle box happened by accident and I liked it so much that I left it that way 🙂 And the overlap happens in IE as well. I had to re-tweak the whole blog for IE 7 [ used a separate stylesheet for that ]. And there’s a separate stylesheet for previous versions of IE as well. Phew!

  5. Hi Yasin! I know about the star thing – looks nice too – but I’m not too keen on it because I’ve already put the damn snow! If I add other stuff it’ll just look cluttered 🙂 But thanks for the tip – I’ll use it for next year’s seasonal design!

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