Apart from the fact that it’s a good article on the above topic, it has some other non-design related parts that rhyme well with the way I work/aside works. For example:

In fact I believe that the original idea of one person with one profession is about to diminish in this world. The Internet is just the place where it happens first, because the Internet is Zeitgeist pure, it is the mirror of our times. The Internet is filled with what humans want, do or desire to have. It is the peak of expression for our civilization, independently if you feel comfortable with that idea or not.

The article’s been written by Henning von Vogelsang on the Core blog.

Some more interesting excerpts:

Because design in its purest form is simply the art of making something work.

Decorative elements in design have a purpose too: To give you a certain feeling about the spirit of the thing you are using. Be it a car, a building, a picture frame, file folder, headset or the food on your plate. A decorative element has the purpose of completing the image, of expressing the values you see in this matter.

Beauty is a result of good design. But if you beauty a goal, you put its surface in focus. You can easily lose track of what is important. Suddenly, your choices for color, typography, any graphic element you used in your design become irrelevant and replaceable. Which is the main reason why your client should never be able to say “Can you show it in green?”

The one below is brilliant!

Clients asking for variation happens out of natural reasons. Clients are insecure about their choices, just like you are insecure about which is the best mountain bike you can get for money. You want to do some research before you settle for a solution, and so does your client. In order to make him understand why you chose red over green, you will have to guide him through your thought-process. You will have to show him what made you think red was better than green and have him agree with you. Following this pattern, selling your work will become a lot easier.

But then so is the article! The amount of international talent now accessible to everyone to learn from never ceases to amaze me. What amazes me is the so few number of people willing to learn.