The blog’s been re-re-designed. I wasn’t too happy with the boxy feel of the Qwilm theme [ originally seen on Lokesh’s Huddletogether ]. So I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked over the weekend and re-did the blog. I’ve also added some half-snowflakes on the top to get visitors into the wintry/Christmasy spirit. [ I think the graphic’s too small though! ]

I have also added a newsletter subscription box for monthly updates on aside. You can subscribe using the form on the left bar on any of the blog pages and on the main aside website homepage. [ Although the auto re-directs on the blog are not yet working because of some reason – I’ve asked Dreamhost to help me out with that – till then if after hitting the “subscribe” button you’re taken to a page that says “Sorry, page not found”, be rest assured that you’ve been subscribed. ] The newsletter’s called ideas@aside and does NOT deliver blog updates.

For visitors not comfortable with RSS Readers and RSS Feeds, I’ve added an Rmail form just below the newsletter subscription form, which will deliver blog update right into your inbox. [ the flaw with the Rmail link is that once you click on “Subscribe”, you are taken to the Rmail website – and the website doesn’t even have a message that tells you that you’ve been subscribed – there’s no message AT ALL ].

There’s a new Careers page, which tells prospective candidates how and why to apply. I’ve been getting resumes at the rate of three each week from people with varied design/internet/technology skills and I needed to reduce the noise in that department. It’s still a nascent page, which will mature as I read it more often and figure out better ways of writing my mind.

There is also a section at the bottom of each page called “Discover More” where you can find three categories of links – “Recent posts”, “Recently commented posts” and “Random posts” – to make the aside design studio blog more accessible.

Some graphic additions [ like the shadow under the main content/posts block ], some new links on the left bar and some more design elements in the pipeline.

And then there are the usual client projects – working on seven right now and about 22 in the pipeline – discussing terms and pricing mostly. I’m down with the flu, bought more art supplies, working on a painting of Lord Ganesha and doing an ad for a client’s hoardings [ which is a new skillset ]. Lots to keep me busy.

I’ve also posted some images on Flickr from my latest trip to Dharchula.