Usually that’s because a logo is an image that carries intellectual property with it. The client can get it registered, trademark it and claim it as her own. The logo cannot then be duplicated by anyone but the client and doing so would be illegal.

Besides, coming up with a logo requires more effort than for example, coming up with an icon.
The logo also uniquely identifies the client and the company it has been designed for – it’s not quite like a fingerprint, but it is the visual face of the company.


Clients can evaluate various options when pursuing a logo-design.

Some clients do not realize the importance and value of the logo, hence they might choose to buy an off-the-shelf image that has also been purchased by some other similar clients from some other part of the world. When the client is not going to get the logo registered or is not going to use it as a legal visual image to represent the company, then the value and importance of that image diminishes considerably and there are various online portals that sell such images. [ I do not recommend them personally, hence no links. ]

Then there are clients who understand the importance of a logo and of a brand but do not currently have the resources to aim for a worthy logo. The best strategy for such a situation, in my opinion, is to wait. Use the company name to maximum effect till you can gather resources and score a touchdown.

And then there are those clients who understand the value and importance of a logo – and more & are able and willing to pay. For these clients, I would suggest that even though you have the financial strength to buy yourself a logo and brand, do not miss out on evaluating some options where you can save on the enormous fees charged by advertising agencies.

Of course there are also those people who do not understand the importance of a logo and neither are they willing to pay for the design of one. Well I’d say that they are the happiest of the lot.

At least happier than those who do not understand the value of a logo are able to pay agency prices but are unwilling to do so. Not only do they then work with designers who know little about the craft, they also end up with a logo that sucks, no less. [ And purchasing a designer’s skill to design a logo for you, is so not like purchasing kinnows. ]


There are design studios like aside, which will deliver similar [ if not better ] quality at prices less than one-tenth of what the advertising agencies charge. The creative head / art director / designer / illustrator / strategist will be personally involved in the design process because in most cases there is one person playing all these roles.

Since the design studio has only one person or maybe a small-team of a handful other designers, the studio also has a lot at stake – another reason for the client expecting nothing but exceptional work. On the internet, reputation precedes everything else and if you suck, you’re dead. One error can prove fatal for a design studio – for an advertising agency, a multitude of errors doesn’t mar their relationships with clients who pay through their noses for that very same service – where else will the client go? To another agency who might make worse errors – better to stay with the same agency that they’ve been working with for the last ten years rather than open a can of worms and restart the whole process with a new agency.

There are no such assurances for a design studio – once a client goes because of a soured relationship or a badly executed job, that client is gone forever and it will raise a stink among other prospective and existing clients as well.


I have worked with all the above types of clients – clients telling me I charge too much and telling me that my prices are more than reasonable. And I’ve had Indian clients tell me that I charge reasonable money and American clients tell me that I’m too expensive.

When I started in this business, I had no clue on how to charge my clients. I thought that the Americans could easily pay double of what the Indians could or would. I now have the same prices for everyone regardless of geography, size of business, ability to pay or anything else.

The effort I put in my work is the same for all clients, no reason the pricing should be different.