I was working on a website for a friend – the project is no longer in process – more like I’ve declined to do it anymore because it was taking so long for the client to revert with anything. I had only come up with the website homepage template so far – which in itself was not finalized.

And here is the top right corner of the website template:


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  1. Hey what’s up. Do you think I could use that layout? Maybe I can download the .psd file. Or maybe I can even just have the wallpaper. I’m loving the design. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Sure – feel free to use it – if it isn’t too much to ask – I’d love a link back to the blog. Should I email the PSD files to you?

  3. Hey i really love the color scheme and the way you have everything put together. I know it took a long time to put everything together. I would love use it. Awsome work!!! Thx. My email is bsuave@djbsuave.com

  4. I just came across this post and would like to check out this design as well. Could you share your files with me as well>


  5. absolutely love this too would you also be able to email me the file….I need a template for a community martial arts class and I could put you as the main sponsor with a link to your blog or any site you use?


  6. GREAT WORK! I would be most appreciative if you could e-mail me the files as well so I could use the template! I would be more than happy to link back to you & give you full props for the layout! I get some decent traffic on my site. Thanks in advance. -Len (send to afmentertainment@hotmail.com)

  7. Hi!

    This is for the first time I have been impressed with somebody’s art other than me.

    Would be greatful if you could provide me the PSD files to

  8. Beautiful piece of work i was wondering if you could email me it (emoinatuxedo@yahoo.com). Thanks either way.

  9. Hi! Like with everyone else I think your design is really really great! It seems as though its been a while but if you still have the PSD files could you send them to me? I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your time and keep up the beautiful work!

  10. Nice design….would love to play around with what you have done….what type of credit would you like to see if we use this design? link back to here, your info, what?

    Please email PSD when you get a chance…thanks! christopherlusk@hotmail.com

  11. That template is really great. So many people asked for the PSD by now. Do you still send it via email? i would really love to have it.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  12. Would love to play with this design. If you’re still sending the psd out could you drop me a copy? Will drop you a linkback.

  13. i luv ur template men! cn u plz snd me the PSD file so dat i cn change a few thngs since people alrdy used it.

  14. Hello again, I’d like to get my email removed from my above comment if that’s at all possible. Posted August 30 2009. It’s showing up when I do a search for it on google and I’d rather have this address have no online presence. Thank you : )

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