I’m designing the packaging design for a Gold series of incense sticks for a New Delhi based incense-stick manufacturer. To kick-off the project, we decided to start with the line of ‘Mogra‘ fragrances.

I have spent the last two hours researching about Mogra – which is a white-colored flower. That was the information I started with. All I knew was that Mogra is a sweetly fragrant, white-colored flower. I’ve seen the a flower hundreds of times and taken for granted it’s sweet fragrance. I had no idea what it’s called in English – Mogra is it’s Hindi name. Someone suggested that the Mogra flower is known as Jasmine.

Since I wasn’t sure, a Google Image Search for the flower’s name followed. It turned up very few relevant hits. I thought that the best way to find out whether the two flowers were the same would be to compare their photographs. The photographs turned out to be inconclusive – in terms of helping in the comparison.

[ Another reason why I’m such a huge proponent of the internet. ] The first resource that came to the rescue was Flickr, where I found many photographs of the flower and one person had given a long description about the flower and it’s family as well. From that article I learned that the Mogra flower is also known as the Arabian Jasmine and it’s scientific name is Jasminum sambac.

The second place I then visited was Wikipedia, where I found a page dedicated to the Arabian Jasmine.

So there.
I’m learning some botany while working on graphic design.
Who said design was just making something look visually appealing?

I love my job.


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  1. Hi Naina,

    I fully agree with you when u say u learning some Botany while working on Graphic design…. As Graphic Designers I believe we need to know and learn about most things in order to design. Its the best way to come up with the most appropriate Design solution. Somehow there are a lot of new Graphic Designers in the market now and they fail to understand this concept of doing your research before even drawing a line…. I would like to ask you something…. How do u handle client who don’t understand the amount of work that goes into Graphic Design and then create a hassle with the price saying so much for just a logo?

    Anyway i know u good at your work so keep it coming!!



  2. Hey Rochelle,
    Most clients don’t understand the amount of effort that goes into graphic design so as a designer, it is my job to make them aware of the same. No two ways about it. Like the client helps me understand his business on the basis of which I design for him, similarly I need to make him aware about how things work at my end. And trust me, the more transparent I am about my processes, the more I ensure a great relationship with the client and a very cool design project as well! But you’re right about most so-called-designers not doing any research before starting work – I guess we all learn slowly how things work. The people who learn faster, simply do better and lead the race 😉 Thanks for the wonderful comments!

  3. Hey great post! As a person interested in many things, graphic design allows me to explore other areas of life and the world and express my client’s or my own feelings through what I’ve learned.

    I recently (and still am) researching Nikola Tesla. I was so inspired by this man that I did a self-initiated magazine ad for a car that was also inspired by this man and expressed through an up and coming car company.


  4. You area amazing in the subject knowledge which u design the incense sticks of mogra well
    what part u like to design when u don’t have a subject knowledge. how u do a design.
    iam also like u doing specially for packaging desings for food product and incense sticks and pharma work.

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