LION : LinkedIn Open Networker

If you are an open networker – meaning that you’re open to connecting networks on LinkedIn with people you don’t really ‘know’ – then it’s a fantastic idea to put that on your profile. I have “LION” on my profile headline. Others who have the same on their profiles also, usually, have their email ids listed on their profile making it easier for you to send them a direct connection invite. You connect with fellow-LIONS and your network grows. Usually exponentially because most LIONS are avid networkers.

That’s one of the most under-used and successful ways of growing your LinkedIn network.

The reason I’m talking about it is because after a long gap, I re-started proactive networking on LinkedIn today. I sent 42 direct connection invitations to fellow-LIONs today – about four hours ago. 19 have already been accepted. That’s a damn good score – within four hours too. I have no doubt that all 42 will be accepted before the end of this week.

And you can search for fellow LinkedIn LIONs by using LinkedIn’s very own in-built ‘Search’ feature – just search for the term ‘LION’.

The Lion sketch above is a derivation of the tattoo design by Elizabeth, converted by Naina. For usage permission, please get in touch with Elizabeth.


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  1. Actually some of these tips actually defeat the purpose of LinkedIn and networking in general.

    It’s not a contest to see how many contacts you can make. The quality of your network is as important as the size of it. If you have contacts from industries or areas where you have no interest or no knowledge they typically aren’t much value. Even worse, if you don’t know anything about those contacts and for example, one has been convicted of bank fraud, insider trading, or worse – is that what you want in your network? You should actually know the contact or be in the process of getting to know.

    Adding your email to the subject line is absurd – it makes the paid version of LinkedIn less valuable to those who pay for it – however I have to blame LinkedIn for allowing email addresses in the user name. If they really wanted to eliminate it they could easily but again – they did not intend the Name field to be email – that’s where there is a separate email field.

    Kudos for exploiting that feature but sometimes a little respect for the service you use is needed.

  2. John, understand your concerns. But being a LION doesn’t mean one accepts all invites. Just means “one is open to invite”. Not sure, being a linkedin member means we should make money for linkedin management.

    It is a free market system, what is best will survive 🙂

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