New Beta feature on LinkedIn.

That’s how the feature is visible on my main dashboard page when I log into LinkedIn – on the right hand sidebar.

That’s what the display looks like when I click on the sidebar link – it shows me people’s titles who have visited my profile in the last three days.

  • It does not give me names of people – so there is no direct access to the visitor’s profile.
  • Each result is a click able link that allows you to search for the particular person based on their title in their profile heading. Most people do not have a very specific title in their profile heading so search results tend to run into 500 for most of the queries. I got two searches where the results were 11 and 7 in number.
  • It’s an interesting way to determine how much your profile is viewed. And who are the typical bunch of people who view it. Doesn’t give much detail though. Unlike in Xing, where they tell you exactly who came and checked out your profile – it has turned out to be beneficial to make a connection and even get business.
  • You can also change your visibility setting where you can choose to either show your name and headline or you can chose to show your industry and title – these are called anonymous profile characteristics or you can choose to not show at all that you visited someone’s profile.

The feature is still in Beta – maybe they’ll come up with some additional functional and useful features like maybe showing us what keywords were used when the visitor landed on our profile.