I’ve designed a new wallpaper after a long time. It’s called aForestation. I’ve also submitted it to Phirebrush.

Download links:


  1. I really like this particular wp. Well done and wonderful placement of assets
    Wonderful use and successful achievment w/ the use of Blue and Red together!
    (I have this odd thing about the use of and how the true blues and cardinal reds usually turn out!)

    enough praise on this particular image!
    (I’m sure you think I’m nut’s already)
    just uncontrolably analytical (not critical)

    thanks for the wp!
    Curseo O

  2. Thanks Curseo πŸ™‚
    I too am obsessed with how cardinal reds and true blues sometimes work together beautifully! So I totally understand what you’re saying – no way its odd! Glad you like the wp! Chow!

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