I have decided to do away with the web design services from aside’s portfolio and focus more on the remaining design strengths, namely branding and corporate identity / logo design, print design and photography. I have just finished with my first fashion shoot as well.

No more website templates, HTML or CSS unless of course I’m changing some of my personal websites or designing a website for a friend. I am currently working on three website projects, once I deliver and close those, I will not be taking on any more web projects.

The web projects portfolio will stay on the blog but I will remove the same from the main website.


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  1. Hi Naina,
    Jst wanted 2 ask u 1 ?, For the above Grp, which softwares ‘ve u used besides Photoshop. The texture r very cool and gr8. Pls revert back .


  2. Hi Naina..this is my first post to you

    Thats a good move…actually branding and identity designhas so much depth naina that one can indulge into. there are may companies who exclusively do these things like lippincott mercer or Landor. i think its a great move by you. actually speaking web is totally different thing…its good til you design the front page of the website rest leave on to the web designer.

    Creative Director

  3. Hey Peter, I’ve used Xara 3D to come up with the type and then of course Photoshop to edit it further and make it look ‘nice’ 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Thanks Dennis – it was quite a tough decision because I do love the web so much – but branding, identities and print work as well as photography are more my areas of ‘passion’. Cheers!

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