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I’ve been wondering and then wondering some more about what new to write about online business networking – thanks to Gautam Ghosh [ who I connected with on Facebook today – I’ve known him since 2003 starting with Ryze and LinkedIn and Orkut and now finally Facebook ] – I learned today that LinkedIn’s launching some slick new stuff! And I haven’t stopped drooling since I saw the beta homepage.

While the look might not appeal to you right away – we’re used to the slick looking current interface – but wait till you realize the potential of MODULES! Yes modules! Yay! Have you been using Netvibes / iGoogle? If you have been, then I’m sure you realize how powerful that web-app is – now imagine LinkedIn delivering something similar for online business networking – for your PROFESSIONAL / work-related stuff!

Right now they have only three modules : Job Search, Answers and People Search but imagine what all they could add! Just thinking about it gives me a headache – imagine the potential! What if they made a module for feeds for people you’d like to connect with – for example, I’m always looking for Alumni from my school [ The Army Public School, Delhi ] and my B-School [ SCMHRD ] and instead of doing a people search for new people on LinkedIn every month – what if I could defined a filter and convert it to a feed and have that displayed on my LinkedIn home page – so that whenever someone from my school / B-school joins LinkedIn, I can find out almost immediately! Oh the pleasure! [ I’m sure there are other more powerful modules that LinkedIn has already thought of – I just can hardly wait for them to roll it out! ]

And I really like the small rounded-rectangle with my brief profile on the left sidebar. It just looks really nice. And the small bit of immediate information about the number of people on my network.

LinkedIn seems to have expanded to 17 million people – as I read from the About LinkedIn page.

This is exciting! Kudos to LinkedIn for always being one step ahead of the competition and always giving some love to the users! Brilliant stuff!


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