Xerox has a new logo.

They announced it here and here on the 7th of January 2008.

I like the smaller, lowercase type for the name but the ‘ball’ is a little too much. There are just too many around – there’s no differentiation. Sure, this one has an ‘X’ overlayed but it’s a ball still. They could have experimented with something else – if they had to settle with a ball, I’m sure they could have taken a bit more risk and tried something else – if they HAD TO have a graphic element.

But then I think of Interbrand [ the agency who did the re-branding ] : sometimes, in fact, most of the times, the designer / agency does not have a completely free hand on how they want the logo / brand to develop – the client has a huge say in how they want the visual to develop. If the client has a penchant for shiny glass balls visually, well, then it’s a decent conclusion to the re-branding exercise.