My brain could not stop thinking about how to solve two design problems – one an Annual Report design for a Mobile Wireless Telecom major and the other a logo design for a Leather Works company. Because of continual focussed thinking, after a while, it became mechanical thought and I could find no ideas being generated. If there was indeed an idea that caught my fancy, I couldn’t get myself to convert it into a deliverable on my laptop. So here is what I did to put my mind at ease and bring it back to relaxation to foster some natural creativity rather than forced, deadline-induced creativity. Sure there are times when nothing generates more ideas than a forced deadline, but this time, nothing worked – except the following :

A copy of Grazia magazine.
A copy of the Femina magazine.
A copy of Filmfare magazine.

A mug of cold-coffee sipped while reading mindless articles about which are the latest accessories that every girl ‘has to have’ in her ownership – no matter if she never uses them – but the piece itself is good as a collectible, expected to double in market value within the next month. [ I had no idea that the accessories market, like handbags and clutches, was operating like the art market where buying art is also an investment. But since designer handbags are even available for rent, this came only as a slight surprise. ]

A 30 minute drive to a market called Galleria and back.

I love the dress in the picture above and asked my Fashion Designer sis if she would kindly stitch it fo me and she agreed! Yay!

The formals that the second girl [ I know its the same model ] is wearing, look smart. I need to get one of those thin belts. I already have the perfect trousers and the shirt.

I love the photograph on the cover of Femina – Bipasha Basu is good-looking, the photograph itself is good and then the post-processing has made it just perfect. The photographer is Prasad Naik.

Bought myself a box of Loaded Baked Potato Pringles, a Lindt bar, a packet of Double-Stuffed Oreos and a bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate syrup. Have munched on the chocolate and Pringles, the Oreos and Hershey’s still to be inaugurated.

Fortunately it rained and I picked out my camera to try and get some lightning photographs. Got one.

Met up with a classmate from school [ Kunal Udawat ] and indulged in some completely pointless discussions about how difficult it is to survive in Gurgaon and Delhi once you’re used to living in cities like Bangalore and Bombay.

My brain is relaxed once again and I have the weekend for catching up on lost sleep.
I would like to apologize for the non-graphic design related blog post – and would like to point out to the editor of Grazia that John Mayer did not post a ‘blog’ about how his ex was stalking him. He wrote a blog post. One post in the whole blog is one ‘post’. The collection of all posts and pages is the blog. Peace.


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  1. Hey Nice blog…really creative…..
    but take off zeotos link…i’m kinda embarrassed abt the site now:)
    we ain’t doing it anymore…but will send u something super from the world of web twopointO to think about in a few days

  2. As you say Sir – have removed the link – although there are lots more worse websites out there. That was the only public place to know what you do – I thought would mean in incoming link to your website – had no idea you weren’t doing that anymore!

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