I have managed to write the first version of the FAQ’s [ or Frequently Asked Questions ] for the aside website & blog and the link can also be accessed from the sidebar on the left. All questions currently pertain to what consists of “top-of-mind-recall” when I thought about the questions prospective design clients as well as existing design clients ask from me. I am guessing that the list of questions will only grow and I will soon have to add an anchor-linked section at the top of the FAQ’s page.

Aspiring graphic designers and students who regularly send me their resumes and portfolios are advised to PLEASE see the Careers section before they send me an email. I am soon going to re-write the Careers page as the FAQ’s for Aspiring Graphic Designer’s. Unfortunately, if you are someone interested in working with aside, and you fail to read the Careers page, I will be unable to respond to your emails and comments.