And of course [ and this is really old news ], there is the web-version of Photoshop.

And I’ve tried it. But I don’t see why I might switch to or even use Photoshop Express – I don’t have a team to collaborate with and I have Photoshop CS 3 Installed on my PC.


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  1. Whats better than Photoshop Express ? A free online alternative to Photoshop itself.! Check out Aviary, it is invite based, i have 3 invites left, i can give you one! just mail me.
    A.viary is a entire suite of web apps from 3D Modeling to HTML to Vector!
    As of now only 2 of their tools are released , the Photoshop alternative called Phoenix and a Pattern Generator called Peacock –

  2. Hey George!
    Sure I know about Aviary – I’ve just been lazy posting to the blog – I already am on Aviary but never used it – I too have three invites. Phoenix and Peacock are available right now. I’m following up with a post for Aviary too 🙂 I guess your enthusiasm shows in the post and probably that’s why it seems like an ad – nothing like empowered users aye 😉 [ by the way, you’ve got some good work on your portfolio! ]

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