This is perfect – graphic designer’s IDEAL design engagement – when you get to develop the name for the brand and then design a logo / identity for it as well. I’m not sure whether the designer got to name the brand as well in this particular case – but I’m working on one design engagement currently where there’s a Parent Brand Name, Parent Brand Logo, Sub-Brand Name and Sub-Brand Logo and the process absolutely rocks! [ Also because the company I’m partnering with absolutely rocks! The direct client is someone else – no names yet. ]

Saw this on Logopond [ I subscribe to the RSS feed ] and while the designer rightly mentions that the typeface sucks, I like the design and the name. Awesome!

I would go with the following typeface – currently one that I’m liking quite a lot [ worked for a new client logo I’m designing currently – will put it up soon on the blog as well ].


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