1. @iwebie – yeah, Google Chrome is simple enough – I’m sticking to Firefox too – for some reason it took ages to load some stuff that doesn’t usually take that long on Firefox.

    @ AlexG – I like the simple colors the best actually – wish there was some ‘brief’ on how / why they came up with it.

    @Ulrik – you said that right! I totally want to see it on a tee too – a large front print! Oooh!

  2. I actually had a hard time logging into GMail as well as any other Google app. That is: I did not even make it through the Single sign-on. I’m suspecting it’s a problem with the firewall here at work, but.. come on, it’s designed for their own apps. Why would this be a problem?

    and #2: I can only scroll down – not up again. I have to drag the scrollbar back up to get to the top of the page. Not good enough, Google.

    I’m sticking with Firefox for now – though I am impressed with the overall speed of Google Chrome.

    Firefox with the Ubiquity plugin is the way to go for now, I think.

  3. @Ulrik – Yeah! the ubiquity thing is absolutely phenomenal – especially the part where you can develop your own commands – I haven’t even managed to scratch the surface. Who knew Firefox would compete with Google Chrome! We’re all used to watching Google coming out tops in pretty much everything.

  4. @Naina: I can only second your comment about not having had the time to barely open the bowels of Ubiquity. I am looking forward to do that.

    I foresee a flood of useful commands for all sorts of utility sites 🙂 I better get started writing some. But the plugin itself can come a long way still, it’s only version 0.1.1 – there is lots of potential still.

  5. Does anyone know who designed this logo? I cannot find any literature on this what so ever. I can’t even find out if Google did it themselves, which is unlikely.

  6. @PeeKing – unfortunately – for now, I have no idea either – have no clue who designed the Google Chrome logo and i won’t be surprised if it was done internally at Google!

  7. it’s fast, been using it past couple of days now and except for the memory handling part, where it seems to be going the M$ way, I think it’s going ot make a dent somewhere…. no definitely not giving up on FF just yet

  8. i love it!! not had a problem, love the fluid mobility. does need a few plug ins but can’t wait to see the expanded on product WAY TO GO GOOGLE

    (sorry had to edit) 🙂

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