UPDATE : 10th September ’08 – Well, apparently the scoring on this t-shirt closed early – because of the dismal scores it was receiving. It closed at 1.46 out of 5 and it closed way before scoring was actually due. So there, didn’t go anywhere with the first t-shirt design submission on Threadless! End of UPDATE.

Apart from DesignByhumans, I also purchase t-shirts from Threadless and have submitted a design there for the first time as well. More conceptual than designed per se, as t-shirt design faces a restriction of 8 colors only [ on Threadless ] – sometimes on competitions – like the previous one on DesignByHumans, they increase the number of colors – on DesignByHumans it was 14 colors this time for the DBH$10K contest.

My Threadless Half-hearted design!

The people photographs are Threadless templates available in their submission kit.
This was submitted for their Threadless Loves Drawing competition.

The original painting used for the above design is shown below.


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