The problem with whining is this: human beings like to be right. If you persuade yourself and your friends that times are really tough and that you’re bound to fail, you’ll probably do the things you need to do to make that true in the long run.

Again from Seth Godin.

On the lines of what The Secret talks about. Forget whining, just thinking about how screwed you are will attract the ‘screwing’. Thoughts Become Reality.


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  1. I would agree.
    Another thing I find common is that when something goes wrong, most of us tend to get into a blame game instead of simply looking for the solution and moving on, and then trying to introspect. Human nature?

  2. Cone, I agree – blame is easy because it’s been habituated, hence the tag of ‘human nature’. Otherwise, what works better and in my opinion is easier is to say you’re sorry for screwing up and then set about to make it better. Take time to change habits.

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