UPDATE: When I said ‘friends’, I meant ‘friends’. Not acquaintances, not people who don’t know me and still want to connect ‘networks’, not people I’ve never met. You know? ‘Real’ friends? Those who know what I’m up to even without Facebook and Twitter?

I’m still learning to use Twitter myself. I have linked it to my Facebook profile and suddenly [ because of all my updates ], people who had ‘forgotten’ about me, now have me as a top-of-the-mind recall. I’ve had a couple of friends complaining about the barrage of updates as well – but they are not my target audience. I have a lot of people who call themselves my ‘fans’ and they are curious to know more about Naina The Designer – whether she is a regular person like them, how does she run her business, how does she deal with clients etc. Still learning to minimize junk updates though. Tough to come up with something that appeals to ‘ALL’. I don’t believe Twitter is about ‘direct’ business opportunities – it’s about creating buzz, a word-of-mouth solution as well as giving a more ‘human’ face to your business.

This was in response to Laura Fitton’s question to all her ‘followers’ about why they follow her.