This is from my second trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands – specifically Havelock and Port Blair. This is one of those places I could back to repeatedly without even so much as a thought of getting bored. Lovely place, beautiful scenes and good food if you know where to go.

That is the only panorama image I could manage from the photographs I shot when I was traveling to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Clicking on it will take you to it’s Flickr page and you can see the larger version as well.

Havelock Island sunset just before a boat ride that continued till midnight!

The restaurant of the Barefoot Resort on Radhanagar Beach and the hills behind it on Havelock Island.

Farmland leading into forest area on Havelock Island.

A child on the ferry.

One of the many beaches on Havelock Island.

View of Ross Island while on the ferry to Port Blair.

Kunal getting ready to dive into the water.

View from another one of the beaches on Port Blair.

This was shot on the beach next to the Elephant Reserve on main Andaman Islands.

Trees encountered between the Barefoot Resort and the Radhanagar beach on Havelock Island.

Another shot on the beach next to the Elephant Reserve.

Sunset from the ferry while returning to Port Blair from Havelock Island.

View from beach number 6, Dolphin Yatri Niwas, Havelock Island.

The ferry departing after leaving its load of passengers on Havelock Island.

Moon in the sky when the ferry was pulling out from Havelock for the journey to Port Blair.

On one of the beaches on Port Blair.

Elephant beach on Havelock Island – good beach for viewing coral reefs. Before the Tsunami, the preferred location for viewing coral reefs was Jolly Buoy Island – but that’s gone underwater now.

These photographs were all shot on film on my Fuji SLR and the negatives were scanned and developed at a local photography studio in Bombay.

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