Just the first suggestion.

The idea was to represent the city of New Delhi in the Delhi Metro Token disc used for travel on the Delhi Metro. The Metro also represents some of the characteristics of the city : networked, connected, the Metro is a tourist attraction – which leads tourists to heritage sites, technology, learning, etc. And I did not want to use the cliched Qutab Minar silhouette – it’s there everywhere – even on the actual Delhi Metro Token disc. [ I don’t have a photograph of the actual token, photography is prohibited and I haven’t ventured doing it on the sly yet. ]

After all the comments and feedback, another iteration.


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  1. I like the thought process in the first place. The real sign of a creator.

    The Logo however, still doesn’t convey, how it is related to Delhi Metro concept.

    The text below needn’t have New Delhi but Delhi i.e. “Barcamp Delhi”.

    Still glaring at it to figure out more.

  2. Good work there Naina 🙂
    The color blends and everything looks perfect.

    And @Piyush, i think its because the actual place had to be highlighted in the image, and so “New Delhi” is written instead of just Delhi.

  3. liked the logo and overall appearance so much. But does it suit barcamp’s tradition or the legacy logos ?
    And yeah piyush mentioned some significant points 🙂

  4. Hi Naina,

    The logo this time is yet another piece of good design. But after getting accustomed to those shades of red and other bright colors, this looks to be a bit dull. Or may be, I am comparing it to the bcd5 logo, which again was pretty colorful and lively.

    However, I appreciate the the concept of “Delhi Metro” ported onto this.

    I guess we need more thoughts from barcampers!


  5. Nice one Naina !!

    Beautiful representation of Metro.

    Those these three lines are reminiscent of Sun’s Java 🙂
    And the fire represents FIOB (Fire in Our Belly)

    IMHO, the choice of color is good, a nice change from the previous ones and gives a soothing feel.

  6. Even thought this is not as colorful as previous logos this looks far more subtle. Shades of grey instead of current color might make it even more interesting.

  7. Nice one Naina. I’m not familiar with the metro token but the concept’s great. Might be a lil understated for baecamp standards though.

  8. Hey Naina.
    good work…..
    do u know what i 1st thought from it…………. u r indirectly talking about recession ( at first it looks like ….. Coin) 🙂
    Keep it up……….

  9. Naina,

    appreciate the thought process you have put in behind the design. the logo looks really good. i for one believe that more colours do not necessarily make for a cheerful or great design. at a different level one is not sure if logo design should need to be explained or if elements in the design should root it to the location or theme instantly. ex – vodafone delhi half marathon ’06 – India Gate background.

    to a certain extent it seems the latter is true for even you have tried to root the logo to a typical Delhi element – the metro token. this is a bar camp Delhi edition and not any bar camp anywhere else. hence the location has to be represented.

    this makes me think that the metro token is not a very good idea. the metro token, as such, is not an item that everyone identifies with instantly. considering that the spread of metro is still very limited. i use the metro regularly and use the prepaid card. haven’t seen a metro token in the last 2 years or more.

    the blue background certainly did not evoke an instant recall like a lot of other things including Qutub Minar would do. may be you needed to dig deeper to get a better representation than this. having said that, i am glad that you did not choose Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar & India Gate for this logo.

  10. Hi Naina,

    Good Job! I like the metro connection.

    However I wonder whether this single colored or a multi colored logo (like from last edition) would look better on T shirts, Posters, etc.

    My gut instict tells that adding more color to the logo would definitely help.


  11. Nicely done. Here’s the feedback:

    1) Drop the “New” n “New Delhi”. The venue can turn out to be in Noida or Gurgaon as well, so just “Delhi” would be fine.

    2) Can the “6th edition” be emphasized a bit? Not too important and I wouldn’t wanna mess the rest of the logo to just this. Just something that would be nice to have.


  12. Nice start.
    you can get the Delhi Metro Token to take away as a souvenir.
    Will check up and tell you exactly where and how soon as i remember. think it was at the Rajiv Chowk Station.

  13. I normally do not like jazzy logos. But you know, these logos just made me happy. Considering BCD is an event and should attract immediate attention rather than the usual sober look, this idea should be considered seriously.

    Professionalism speaks for itself.

  14. well, the ideation and theme look good w.r.t to what the output is. what is not coming out is 1. what the theme of the present barcamp is (i am sure it has one) and 2. what it will deliver.

    The theme is important aspect – about what this all is all about and should in some way give impetus to the guess work on what the event is all about … i had no clue about barcamp so had to first search for it.

  15. Prakash, I agree with you. I’ve never been to a BarCamp, hence I don’t know what it is. I had no brief when I started – the theme was mentioned as ‘consumerism’ after I’d done the first option. If you looked at the Nike logo as a standalone and did not already know what Nike does – would the logo tell you anything at all? Yet, the Nike logo is one of the strongest brand marks existing today. I still don’t really know what a BarCamp is – they change the logo – meaning make superficial changes to the ‘flame’, everytime there is a new BarCamp – the change could be based on season, the edition number, the location etc. the flame that you see in the center with the three wi-fi type of bands inside it – that is the original BarCamp logo, which you will find on all BarCamp even posters, logos and other collateral. So what you see above isn’t a ‘true’ logo design exercise – it’s more like a seasonal branding change.

    I appreciate your comment though – gave me something to talk about!

  16. Ravi, thank you for your kind words. Would you explain why you think I should include the India Gate or the Qutab Minar on the token? I can’t seem to understand that viewpoint and would appreciate some help.

  17. Hey Amit 🙂 Thanks. I wish I could take credit for the RSS stripes – but the BarCamp logo – the original one that I had to work on – was the flames with the RSS stripes inside – all BarCamp logos have that 😀

  18. Naina, Seems like you are a celebrity now. I will have to think twice before approaching you next time 🙂

    I also believe that nothing is ever perfect. There were some suggestion left for BCD5 logo which I stopped designers from doing and later that just looked perfect. Likewise, there will always be a room to improvise on every version you bring out.

    Second Logo perhaps satisfies the masses and let’s freeze on it now.

    It’s indeed a good work.

  19. Piyush, I was always a celebrity! You just didn’t know it till now! 😛 Please don’t think twice before approaching me – and please do the ‘word-of-mouth’ trick for aside – paid engagements never hurt and maybe then I’ll have even more free time to do pro bono work! Works for both of us!

    And I agree, like there’s always tomorrow, everything can be improved further!

    Thank you for the ‘opportunity’!

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