This is the first iteration I’ve sent to Twilight Fairy who is heading the co-ordination of organizing India’s first ever WordPress camp.

India’s National Bird is the Peacock – also reminiscent of convergence [ because of all the feathers ] – beauty, strength and grace. The feathers can also be shown to represent the spokes in the chakra on our flag – people coming together, etc. Harmony. The color is the WP blue that I picked from their logos as well as some colors picked from a Peacock’s feather. This one doesn’t necessarily pertain to Delhi – but the national bird would typically also remind of the national capital. The layout and placement as well as colors, for some reason, give a “Delhi” look – in terms of Delhi politics and the design sensibilities of various National Level events held at the capital. [ This last bit is quite starkly visible to me, not sure if everyone else sees it like this though. ]

Iteration #2 : Needed to add some shades of Pink.

Iteration#3 : Needed to make it work on a black background.

Iteration#4 : Needed to refine the W a bit more.

Iteration#5 : Needed to refine the pink some more.

Iteration#6 : Tinge of pink on all feathers instead of just one place.

Peacock shape credit : Definatalie


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  1. Hey! I think #2 looks good as well. Gives a lot of space to breathe in the colours and stands out better. Black background seems too be too bold which does not go with the image of peacock.

    As anyone would say, it’s just me and my head! You do what you feel is right! 🙂


  2. i like the concept of the peacock but would love to see a more simplfied graphic rendition with maybe the eye of only one feather of the peacock. Would help in smaller thumbnails also.

  3. Hey Naina,

    Good job..I will go with the first one..Less color and overall impact and message is pretty good in this one. well i say you can just play around with just one peacock feather.

    Enjoy !

  4. Iteration #2 looks pretty good. Clean colors and white background. Suits to eyes. The black onces are little too much glossy.

    Btw, when is the website for Wordcamp India going to be updated and when will registration process start.

  5. Interesting concept.

    A few thoughts:
    # Visual looks too busy for a logo.
    # Colours don’t work too well on the black background.
    # The typography needs tightening. Typeface isn’t the same as the one used on the WordPress logo (notice the “W”).

    Just my 2C.

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