This is the first iteration I’ve sent to Twilight Fairy who is heading the co-ordination of organizing India’s first ever WordPress camp.

India’s National Bird is the Peacock – also reminiscent of convergence [ because of all the feathers ] – beauty, strength and grace. The feathers can also be shown to represent the spokes in the chakra on our flag – people coming together, etc. Harmony. The color is the WP blue that I picked from their logos as well as some colors picked from a Peacock’s feather. This one doesn’t necessarily pertain to Delhi – but the national bird would typically also remind of the national capital. The layout and placement as well as colors, for some reason, give a “Delhi” look – in terms of Delhi politics and the design sensibilities of various National Level events held at the capital. [ This last bit is quite starkly visible to me, not sure if everyone else sees it like this though. ]

Iteration #2 : Needed to add some shades of Pink.

Iteration#3 : Needed to make it work on a black background.

Iteration#4 : Needed to refine the W a bit more.

Iteration#5 : Needed to refine the pink some more.

Iteration#6 : Tinge of pink on all feathers instead of just one place.

Peacock shape credit : Definatalie