I’ve not shared the before and after photographs from the Lingerie Fashion shoot that I did. Here they are.

The photographs were shot on my Fuji SLR film camera on a 49mm lens. The negatives were developed and scanned at a photographer’s store at Connaught Place, New Delhi. I forget the name of the store now. The scan quality was terrible – innumerable scratches and artifacts and the shots were not even developed in the correct ratio. So, what I got to see on my screen when I ran the CD ROM on my laptop after I got the scans from the photographer’s store – was disheartening at best. But Adobe Photoshop to the rescue and I ended up doing my first ever cosmetic / plastic surgery on Photoshop!

Clicking on the ‘after’ photograph will take you to it’s Flickr page.

We did not have a great model because it was a student’s shoot without any budget so we requested one of her classmates to pose for us and assured that we would not use the face of the model. It is a big deal to pose for a lingerie shoot for a girl – in India at least.

I had to work on the skin because the arms and legs were not waxed and had hair – although, fortunately the hair weren’t too bad. the other stuff I had to work on included the breasts and the butt and the tummy – to remove tyres and flab. I also worked a little on the arms.

I am not an expert in re-touching photographs and post-production but I was quite happy with the results I got after I was done with these photographs. It took me about three months to come up with a version that I liked enough to post on Flickr or post online.

All photographs from this lingerie photo shoot can be seen on my Flickr collection. In case someone wants to evaluate the high resolution versions, clicking on the ‘after’ photograph will take you to it’s Flickr page.

Lingerie design credit : Akanksha Redhu. The model would like to remain anonymous.

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  1. Hei,

    The tones for the edited pics are simply incredible. Can you tell me what filter(s) you’ve used or necessary steps required in Photoshop to get such an effect? I’ve been trying for a long time to get such an effect for portraits I shot but in vain. Please instruct…


    1. Hey Priya – I don’t remember anymore – old pictures 🙂 This wasn’t a filter – curves and levels and sharpening effects I think. But I had no filter on that time.

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