Similar to the life of a typical professional who indulges in online business networking, the amount of blogging I did has gone down drastically. On the other hand, the number of networking platforms I engage myself in on a regular basis has increased.

I am now actively using Twitter and Facebook and my face-to-face meetings too have increased in number. Whereas my usage of LinkedIn is limited to accepting Invitation requests, updating my status using and paying my yearly charges for the Personal Plus Account [ which seems to have been discontinued for new users ]. I intend to use some of the LinkedIn groups to increase visibility about my new ventures as well, but apart from that, I do not have a LinkedIn strategy anymore.

In general, I have observed that more and more people – individuals as well as companies – are increasing their online presence using a strategy of creating a good website, linking it with networking platforms and engaging customers as well as making friends at a personal level. Generating awareness about your brand is a good way to increase sales.


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  1. Fantastic article. I wish I had time to write such articles.

    I am hoping to spend some time over the holidays to update our website. This article has given me the inspiration to do that :-).



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