Photographs from a vacation at Pondicherry in 2006. On my way further to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

People in the photographs include Antoine Carrier, Shasta Leland, Patrick Linden and Kunal Udawat. The day was hot and humid. There was a tiny halfpipe, a video-camera, a Fuji Film SLR, five sweat-drenched people, a Luna, an auto-rickshaw and not much to do. Of course the beach was calling after this was done and over with. Shasta even had a cat who littered in his bed – cute kittens. I experimented some more on the beach but my Fuji was getting old.

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  1. HI naina, could you tell me what is the location in pondicherry of this spot? me and some friends are trying to compile an indian skatepark/skatespot directory. I’d really appreciate any information you could provide us.

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