Model & Stylist : Akanksha Redhu
She runs a segment on her blog called “Look Of The Day” and updates with photographs whenever she finds something cool to share. For details of clothes, accessories and shoes, please visit her blog. Akanksha can also be found on Twitter.

Most times it doesn’t take much to make good photographs. Every photographer has a style they can call their own. As a photographer, I tend to use Adobe Photoshop heavily – not to enhance the model’s figure or skin as much as I use it to create a mood, lighting or other effects that have traditionally been used in studios. You can’t go wrong with a Nikon or a Canon as far as the quality of your RAW photograph is concerned. I prefer to shoot in high-resolution JPG format as much as possible. My goal, currently, is to get as many good photographs in minimum amount of time. I don’t like to waste time actually ‘setting’ up a shot – most of the times. Just shoot.

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