I’m thrilled [ and bummed – more later ] with the handsoap I’d ordered from Plastic Foliage! I’d been lusting after these soaps for quite some time and each time I wanted to order, the soap was out of stock. With a re-stock, I was finally able to order them and ordered two sets. They’re so cute and creepy at the same time! Great as a show-piece and wonderfully soft soap as well.

No fragrance however. Natural vegetable glycerin, which is great.
Some photographs of the box, opened, closed, with the two packages.

Great touch with the bill punched in with a ‘reindeer’ shape with a handwritten “thanks”. Cute.

Unfortunately, about half the number of soaps were badly damaged – broken fingers – gruesome sight! I’ve written to Marie Gardeski, lets see if something can be done.

I’d be wary re-ordering such an item from overseas in the future. Maybe each soap could be packaged separately so that they don’t rub into each other? I wouldn’t mind paying something extra for the cost of good packaging as long as the product delivered is intact. I wanted to show them off after-all and not so much as use them. Now, with the damage, I’ll be using half the hands as boring soap. The other half I’ll have to clean – to remove broken fingers and smudges of other colored soaps.


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  1. Lol they are cute as well as gruesome! Broken hands and fingers, err.. Let me know how they are and I shall try some too.


    1. They are so cute! The photograph on the products page is just awesome. Apart from the damaged goods I think they’re super cute. They have no fragrance. Your hands will smell like vegetable oil. But then I did not order these to use primarily as soap. I was more interested in the “show-off” factor. They’re too creepy to pass up. Otherwise much like regular soap – they do clean your hands 😀

    1. Oh. You know, I’d ordered one set for you and one for me. And now bloody one set is literally mashed up. Come and take a look next time you’re here. I’ve re-wrapped them all separately – each tiny hand in paper and then in a polythene and then kept them in a wooden box. Take your pick.

  2. Naina, those hands are creepy! Wouldn’t call them cute, as much as a guyish guy i am. But that would scare the hell outta me if i walked in and saw this weird thing standing up. I wonder what else this creep is into 😐

    Just kidding. Hope you get a replacement with the fingers…for a less creepier look.

  3. I try to pack these little hands as well as I can without charging an arm and a leg for shipping… I’ve never seen this kind of damage before. (And we ship internationally all the time.) Yikes! Somebody must have stomped on the box. I’m still happy to send replacements. Just awaiting your email specifying when to ship & to which address. (Sad to see these pictures posted).

    1. Marie, Please ship the replacement to the following address :

      Naina Redhu [ c/o Aman Godara ]
      J-10, Second floor,
      Saket, New Delhi 110017

      I will re-publish another blog post appreciating the replacement – and I will add photographs of intact baby soap hands – a couple of my friends have already ordered their soap sets from you – this damage while shipping is not something either of us can control and I would not like to hold you responsible for the same – already you’re sending in a replacement – that itself is way more than I would have expected. Thank you Marie.

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