These pictures are the results of a new Vivicam Tripod and preparation for an up-coming industrial shoot. I needed to get used to the new tripod and I also needed to try out bracketing and HDR. The shoot’s been finalized for this Monday and I’m hoping to get atleast 100 passably good shots from the entire day. In the following shots, the first image is the final HDR image after post-production. Clicking on this large image in all sets, will take you to their respective Flickr pages.The four images under it include the first three which are bracketed exposures and the fourth is the original HDR image.

The above photographs isn’t too good a picture. There’s no focus. It’s a bad composition. Even in terms of the HDR, there is way too much going to fully appreciate how the HDR might have enhanced the picture.

The above is still a passable picture but the HDR result wasn’t uplifting. The only reason I like the photographs after post-production is because of the red and the blue. I still feel it’s an overbearing final result. One of the noisiest images from all the five sets.

The above is my favorite image from the entire series on this page. The photograph had some merit in terms of composition but it was bland otherwise. The HDR result brought out the highlights : colors and lighting. Which I then picked up while post-processing and pulled out even further. The HDR result was a lot dreamier – foggy, cloudy. The final post-processed photograph is sharper but still retains the ‘dreamy’ aspect because of the blown up saturation. Unlike most over-saturated images, this one doesn’t hurt the eye.

The above, staircase picture is my second favorite because of the idea / story behind it and also because of the colors. As a personal preference I tend to like colorful photography when it comes to my own pictures. I’m always looking for black and white ideas too but seem to prefer only portraits when it comes to colorless pictures. The stairs were easy to post-process – the focal point was the green lawn and the sunlight. The post-production reduced the luminosity that the HDR captured but also provided additional depth.

The above image of the water tank is my least favorite. It’s boring. No point of interest. The sky is bland, the structure is bland. After HDR and post-production, I also realized that my lens was dirty.

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