The blog is being re-designed in real-time – kindly excuse any design inconsistencies. The reason the blog is being re-designed is because of a major website / portfolio revamp and re-design. Thank you for your patience! There’s a huge effort underway for re-designing most of my online real-estate and I will be following up with one of my longest posts every about the entire process, my motivations, the design itself & the strategy. From icon design to website coding and design in Photoshop, branding and logo design to Twitter backgrounds.

If there was a team, it probably would have taken much longer.

The blog started as a plain Blix theme install re-colored to blue and green : in 2005.

Then it took it’s current form, when I made up my own theme based on the structure of a freely available theme. I think the design has been slashed and re-edited so much that I have no clue what theme it was originally. This was 2007.

And due to the darker-themed re-design of the aside website, more in an upcoming post, the blog now has a darker background and various social media elements like links to aside’s Twitter profile, Facebook fan page etc., have also been added. There’s a Flickr stream of logos and photographs as well. The typography is larger.

I also believe this looks a lot more formal than the previous layouts. It is center aligned as well. Over the course of the next 30 days, there will be some more fine-tuning. The branding has been carried forward from the main website and I’ve incorporated a header, which has been missing for quite sometime.

Even minor changes can completely change the look of a website or blog.

Other re-design blog posts from the timeline :


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