I’d worked on a logo for a stock photography company. The project did not get completed, like most ‘free’-for-profit projects. Meanwhile I’d been thinking about a logo for aside’s photography studio : studioaside. Till the time I came up with a serious logo for studioaside, I decided to use the stock photography project logo.

I really like the Virna typeface from FontShop and have been wanting to use it for one of my personal brands / ventures. After using the stock photography logo for about a month, I’ve been working on the following iterations and looking forward to coming up with a final logo before end of today.

I wanted to retain the original aside logo since I want to leverage the aside experience. Lettering was fine. For now. Wanted to try some iconography / symbols.

By this time, I no longer like the ‘i’ in ‘studio’.

Using the vector illustration from here and re-coloring it.

So that’s the final logo for studioaside! The website, as you can see, still needs re-designing. A gallery? No way. Something different. Like the upcoming design of the main aside portfolio. Clean.