1. It’s a complete lesson on web redesign. I like the colors, it’s easy on the eye. (Also eco friendly, I guess) Awesome job, congrats

    1. Thanks Ranjan 🙂 I think the blog post still comes off as without much of a flow but after the re-design, I truly did not have the patience to do it in any more detail! I will be getting back to your email. I completely forgot about the previous one. As you can see, I have the perfect excuse – was way tied up with the website launch. Happy Diwali to you and RupeeManager!

  2. Great work! But honestly you have approach the logo’s from different angles and mouseover them to view them. Besides that I think it’s awesome &8212; especially love the colors 🙂

    1. Thanks for checking it out Rohit 🙂 I don’t mind the extra effort of viewing the logos – as long as the end result is someone ‘liking’ the logos 😀 It’s an unconventional approach and that was kinda the idea!

  3. Hi Naina!

    Had bookmarked this page a long time ago – I finally got down to reading it this morning. Awesome! Appreciate the way that you’ve explained the process so beautifully. It’s not easy for someone to handhold a viewer (especially when you’re not face-to-face) through a visual journey and you’ve managed to do that!

    I’m going to be in Delhi with Bhayanak Maut over the weekend for GIR. It’s not going to be easy to meet up with you (i’m sure you’re going to be busy) but (if it tickles your fancy and you have teh time) i’d like to take you through a couple of ideas that I have for the Bhayanak Maut website. I’m keen that you take it up, and of course, if you do decide to take up the project, we will pay you (better to be upfront about the business aspect of things).

    You have my email id. Tell me what you think.


    1. Thank you for the kind words Michele. I’m glad you like the post – although I’m not satisfied with it because it sounds more like an amateur’s attempt at explaining the Why. It can be so much more detailed but I was trying to give an overview and general direction of thought. If I had added any more detail, it would have become one of the longest posts on my blog and I’m not sure it would have been interesting to read from start to finish either. I love the colors in the logo – it’s really just a branding element, only, the t-shirt printers I’ve met so far are finding it near impossible to reproduce it the way I’ve designed it. Quite a bummer.

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