If you haven’t heard of atebits, who’ve made the hugely popular Tweetie for the iPhone or Tim Van Damme, also known as MaxVoltar, you’re probably living under a rock. At least in the design jungle.

I absolutely love the logo / icon for Tweetie : below is what it looks like.

Photoshop creation of such an icon is relatively simple. I wanted to give it a shot in Illustrator, which is not one of the tools I am entirely comfortable with, yet. Definitely not as compared to Photoshop. Not trying to copy it, but trying to get the effects right. Here’s what I was able to produce.

It scales fine in Illustrator but the effects do not scale well when re-sized as a smart object in Photoshop. Bummer.


  1. I think the color/shade that you have used inside the comments box is not grey enough. This atleast appears to be a bit on the bluish shade…

  2. Which tool do u use to design logos (I mean, after sketching on paper)… Your portfolio site looks brilliant, I just loved the design and the way you presented your work.

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