Spy Lens from Photojojo. Experimenting whether it really works. An evening at Galleria, Gurgaon. Usage Verdict : you need to have a VERY steady hand or a tripod – which for sneaky portraits, is not going to work. And a lot of patience. Using the angles is a little disorienting, you need to get used to setting directions – when you need to capture something on the left, you need to move the camera to the right. Working with a 55-200mm lens gave me only shaky pictures – I was shooting by hand, no tripod and I think I might have been a little jumpy because of the coffee.

Product Verdict : Made in China. I was honestly expecting something made in Europe / the US. The mirror collects too much dust – there’s no way to keep it closed – it’s exposed constantly. Chances of getting caught : not unless the person being shot has used / seen the spy lens earlier.

As you can see, I did not get many shots. After a while my hand started to hurt – carrying the Nikon D90 with the zoom lens AND the spy lens attached to it. One of the downfalls. But it’s a great tool to get some candid shots and to not make people uncomfortable. Hopefully, I will put it to good use sometime soon instead of sneaking around for pictures. And not get all shaky ones either.

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