Spy Lens from Photojojo. Experimenting whether it really works. An evening at Galleria, Gurgaon. Usage Verdict : you need to have a VERY steady hand or a tripod – which for sneaky portraits, is not going to work. And a lot of patience. Using the angles is a little disorienting, you need to get used to setting directions – when you need to capture something on the left, you need to move the camera to the right. Working with a 55-200mm lens gave me only shaky pictures – I was shooting by hand, no tripod and I think I might have been a little jumpy because of the coffee.

Product Verdict : Made in China. I was honestly expecting something made in Europe / the US. The mirror collects too much dust – there’s no way to keep it closed – it’s exposed constantly. Chances of getting caught : not unless the person being shot has used / seen the spy lens earlier.

As you can see, I did not get many shots. After a while my hand started to hurt – carrying the Nikon D90 with the zoom lens AND the spy lens attached to it. One of the downfalls. But it’s a great tool to get some candid shots and to not make people uncomfortable. Hopefully, I will put it to good use sometime soon instead of sneaking around for pictures. And not get all shaky ones either.

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  1. that is really awesome experiment. I really liked last photograph as she was unknown to this ! as you mentioned you can use this tool for candid shots and very helpful too but lets hope that this tool does not get in hands of current minded people, you know the guys who shoot girls n women in traffic n post them on net ..

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