One of the reasons I’m posting this is because of the lovely pictures that I had a chance to process. The other reason is that the cakes are indeed LOVELY. And the additional reason is that Kishi’s the cute chef girl who’s been all over the news for her wonderful delicacies. Here’s the special Valentine’s Day menu from Foodaholics.

And will you look at those lovely cakes!

This one’s called I ♥ U : Dark Gooey chocolate cake with your favourite flavour. [ Clicking on the link above will take to the page where you can order these cakes and more. ]

This awesome cheesecake’s called You & Me : Cheesecake available in various flavours- classic, chocolate, orange, strawberry, hazelnut & mixed berries.

Sweet Love: Dry cake with a fondant/marzipan layer decorated as a gift.

Princess Cake: Layers of raspberry, vanilla and mascarpone mousse.

This one’s called My Valentine : Chocolate fudge with nuts.

And this is the Love Bug: Ferrero Roche cake.

Use the Order Cake link to order the cakes. I’m still drooling over them all – unable to decide which one to order.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post. Kishi’s cakes are absolutely fantastic and she’s a cute friend too.


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  1. I love the I ♥ U heart shaped cake… i wish i really had a warm chocolate cake beating in my body…wudn’t have shared with anybody ;)…and also My Valentine 🙂 .. looks delicious and can really fill someone with good..warm memories 🙂

    Ah…Valentines Day..7days to go.. yiiipppeee… 🙂

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