I’d rather not spoil it for you. Watch it.

Substitute ‘writer’ for ‘designer’ and even ‘photographer’. I’ve been in that situation, supposedly large corporates calling to ask for a freebie because if I designed a logo for them, I’d get publicity. Hah.


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  1. “Everybody else is an asshole, I’m not!!” Gotta love the guy for saying that. 🙂

    To understand his frustration directly, he mentions that amateurs working for no money are stupid, and I agree. But the fact that he’s specifically blaming amateurs for how things have become seems inaccurate to me. Amateurs are called so because they’re not professionals. And if somebody finds their quality of work acceptable, good for them! The world has become diverse even in the way business is conducted. Freelancing has become a commonplace verb. Freelancers gain their reputation over time. When I have to build a portfolio, I wouldn’t mind working for peanuts. Not for free, but still.

    I think Harlam is making the situation bigger than it really is, cause it specifically affects him. “People expect *Harlam The Great* to work for free?? They can fuck themselves to hell!!”. The guys ego is bruised. Nothing to look at people, move on. Good entertainment watching him dramatize his frustration though.

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