Client’s portrait shoot. Also uploaded in ultra-high resolution on my Flickr photostream. All photographs have been processed in Photoshop. They were shot in Nikon’s native RAW format .NEF

Elaborate shooting setups are not my style and I prefer to shoot in natural surroundings with natural light as much as possible. Anand knew that before we undertook the project and on an early Thursday morning – as early as we could make it, we found ourselves at the perfect location : the Select City Walk mall in New Delhi – the chairs outside in the ‘lawn’ and other outside whereabouts.

I prefer to do most of my work after I’ve shot – in Photoshop. The trouble with that is there’s always so much that can be done – so many different approaches that can be taken. For that, I must thank Anand, because he mostly knew what he wanted and left the other bits to me – whatever direction I wanted to take.

Anand got the above picture printed on canvas – although I’ve not seen the print myself, I’ll have to take his word for it when he says it came out real good! Again, lots of Photoshop and bokeh – the table in the above shot was quite grimy but bokeh took care of most of that.

The Select City Walk personnel were quite co-operative – Anand and I pretended to be friends shooting pictures. The back story I’d prepared was that Anand was new to town and needed to send hot photographs back home to impress his friends! Of course we didn’t need to use that story.

The last shot above is a pseudo-HDR. Pseudo because I manipulated exposure in Photoshop for the same shot and then complied them together in Photomatix Pro and then brought it back into Photoshop for bokeh and other enhancements. It’s not perfect – I would have liked to introduce a sharp, contrasting, grainy look but Anand was not looking for that approach, hence I let that be. Maybe I will work on one of those looks on my spare time.

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