Advice Marketing is a digital marketing consultancy run by Shiva Narayan. asidebrands was approached for a logo design for the new venture [ Shiva spotted me on Twitter ] and once the brief was received, well-filled in by the client, the following visual steps were how the logo design engagement progressed.

This engagements did not go through the process of sketching as the client was sure they wanted to play with the letter ‘A’ so I thought getting straight down to Illustrator would work better because I could then experiment with various types.

The first three are the options shown to the client in the first round – they range from literal to more semi-abstract versions of the letter ‘A’. The logo also needed to represent fragmented elements coming together / flowing together.

The client reverted with their choice and the following were iterations in color and some typography and placement.

After a bit of a break during the engagement, I sent another option to the client because I was getting the feeling that they weren’t really ‘feeling’ it. [ It is wonderful to work with a client who lets you know they’re not feeling and it and then they back it up with the specifics of why and what could be changed to make it better. ] Following is the option that led to the final logo.

The last image is the final logo in use for Advice Marketing. I would like to thank Shiva for a wonderful logo design engagement and very good luck with his consulting venture.