I’ve never been comfortable sharing what my work-desk looks like – because there really is nothing to show – even when I do it up, it’s really plain. But an article on 100 Women in Design [ I might’ve got the title wrong ] asked me for a picture of my desk as well and here’s what I sent. Thank you to @kri5hsolanki for getting me to do this.

The Nikon D90’s also usually on the table, but since I had to take the picture, even with the camera remote, the camera couldn’t be in the picture.

The books on my table are usually the ones I’m currently reading [ like the ones from Bhutan, which I have yet to read ], or a couple of others that I really love – there’ll always be one from the Malazan Book Of The Fallen series by Steven Erikson. The skull, called Haans – is borrowed from Bharat’s table.

Sometimes, when both Bharat and I are in the same room and I need to be working or watching a movie that he’s not interested in, then it’s the Bluetooth headset to the rescue. Moleskines are ever-present too and so is at least one book on logos – in this case, Victionary’s Logology.

The rest of the small collection of books that I have, rests in the so-called library. We need to pick up another one for Bharat. Soon.

I hate filth but I don’t mind clutter.


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