This is what I’m working on currently – what you see below has been sent out to the client for approval – waiting on it.
Holiday Express is a travel company based in Orissa and their differentiating point is that there really aren’t any other professional travel agencies in the state. Ardhendu Sarkar is the entrepreneur behind this venture and he is quickly proving to be one of the best clients I have worked with. He is happy to leave the designing to me and his feedback and inputs are always concise. If I give my reasoning behind a design & he likes it, [ which is almost always does ], the design is ‘go-ahead’ on all fronts. This is excellent for me and I haven’t had this kind of creative freedom in quite a while.

This is the result of the logo design engagement for Holiday Express [ case study is due ].

Enough talk, here’s what’s up right now : the outside of the card – it’s a two-fold left and right. the idea was to create a piece of collateral that would create some interest and also give a reference point for a list of services provided by Holiday Express.

The inside of the card :

I know they’re small but following is the full outside and full inside

The Map Marker element was created in Illustrator.

I’ve used my photograph of the Indian Ocean from the Andaman Islands, which can be seen in panoramic high resolution here. the cover photograph is of a vector file on iStockphoto, which will be purchased once the design is approved by the client.