This was another one of those logo design engagements that never got finished. Primarily because there was very little or no articulation of what the logo needed to be. As a logo designer, it is frustrating when the only two choices one has are to either share with the client what a logo is supposed to do for the brand – the downside in this, as I have experienced often is that the client invariably feels like I’m preaching / telling them they don’t know what they are doing, which even if true, is unfathomably taken as a personal insult – I’m only doing what the client hired me to do ]; the second option is to take what the client gives you and run with it – which is what I did for this project and the downside to making this choice is evident.

The logos that the client liked – as part of the brief :

I was to present two options and the sketches were as follows :

Since there was no headway being made in what the client expectations were, I showed them all the sketches I had created, after which the project went nowhere. The client continues to use their original logo.

There needs to be some way to define what a logo / sketch represents instead of comments like, “It doesn’t feel right”. While personal preferences can be included to some level, the logo is the representation of the brand and needs to successfully communicate the brand to the target audience.