This was the first logo I’ve ever designed for a band. The band is called Circle Round The Park @crtp and @benbaptie got in touch with me for this engagement. One of my favorite songs from their album is called “Everything’s Magic”. These guys were a joy to work with.

The band was clear about having a bird in the logo – a Swallow specifically. This particular logo engagement had a lot of iterations – not in the overall concept / design but in smaller tweaks of where to place the bird, why typeface to use, what font-weight to use etc, as you will see below.

This was the first round of ideas :

I was doodling below.

This is from the second round of iterations based on color feedback from the client :

This is from the third round of iterations to show a different layout, typography as well as a change in the bird’s shape :

This is from the fourth round of iterations where the layout of the logo and the shape of the bird has been almost finalized – lots of typeface options in the following based on what the client had suggested :

After we were all sold on Helvetica, it was time for round five of iterations to finally nail the layout / placement of the logo with respect to the bird and the lettering and also to determine what weights would work best :

The following are the final components of the logo for the band Circle Round The Park :

Thanks to @crtp for the opportunity – it was wonderful working with them. This was an exciting project for me – the first band I’d designed a logo for and it opened up a new line of possible client work as well.