Why does the client have to fill in the creative brief?

Wouldn’t you want your car mechanic to know what the problem with your car is, what model it is, what previous alterations have been made to it etc.? The least you can do for your brand [ which is more important that your car ] is to tell the designer who will be designing the logo for you, all details possible. Instead of saying, “But whatever I write will be open to misinterpretation. I’d prefer to talk.” Even if you just talk, as a designer, I will write those answers down & return to you with them & then ask for a written confirmation.

If you can’t take out half-a-day in which you can clearly define your brand for the designer, you probably need to educate yourself more about what a brand is, what branding is, what logo design is and please do go read http://logofaqs.com for a start.

Refused to work with someone today morning because they outright refused to fill-in the brief. Many other indications of how this was going to be a problem project : not looking at the portfolio and simply asking for pricing, saying “writing is going to get misinterpreted – whatever I write, you will derive whatever meaning you want from it”. Like @andyrutledge said yesterday, excuse me while I throw up.

I refuse to work with people who “just want a logo” and have no concept of committing to a project that will help shape their brand.